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Just a quick note for the summer... our soap making supply section will be moving to a new website,,,Spirit Of Our Mountains Soap Making Supply!  We'll have the same great products and service that we've always had, but we'll be adding more new things more often and will feature more local products from the mountains in Western North Carolina.  Keep an eye out for this exciting new website.  We'll be publishing it within the next few weeks.  We'll have a link from several places in this website so that it will be quick and easy to get to. 

Like many websites, we are adding affiliate links to the places we trust the most. For providing you with a link to companies that we deal with, we receive a small commission on any order you place while using the link. Here is the company I trust the most: Essential Depot. I get all my shea butter from them in addition to my Frankincense and Palmarosa essential oils. Give them a try! The button is at the top of the page.


Since 1995 Earth Echoes has been an industry leader in quality soap and candles and teaching how to create luxurious spa products in your own home for gifts or to start your own business.  We carry one of the largest selection of soap making supplies in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  You'll be able to see the new website very soon!  Listed on the classes page is a current list of classes available and where you can take them.  Have ideas for new classes?  Let us know!  It may just be the next new thing!

Starting in May, our soap making supplies will be moving to a new site-The Spirit Of Our Mountains Soap Making Supply.  We'll have all your favorites, plus lots more!  Orders will be taken online and by phone (details coming soon!) and there will be local pick up available.

Farm and Mailing Address:

746 Old US Hwy 70

Swannanoa, NC, 28778


Check out our new items!  These include potassium hydroxide (for making liquid soap) and a cool new wood soap mold made by one of my former students.  Please note that the potassium hydroxide is only available for pick up in the Asheville area.  We do not have a permit for shipping potentially hazardous items yet.

We will have a lot of new plants available this spring. Most are dormant, but some are still going strong.  Send an email if you are looking for something in particular.

Check our classes page for a current list of classes in the area.  You can go to Earth Echoes Classes, our sister site, to get a good look at all the classes offered. Want private lessons?  We have private time available with advanced notice and also offer an intensive one day seminar for less that half to cost at other popular locations.  We are also available for teaching in other areas.  Please contact us for more information.

Just want to let everyone know, A B Tech has mandated that NO website other than their own can advertise for them, so I can no longer list my A B Tech classes on this website.  All I can say is to check the catalog or go online. 

The East Asheville Tailgate Market is in full swing and we're back with all your favorite and new products as well!!  Market is Friday, 3-6pm, same location...Groce Methodist Church on Tunnel Rd in East Asheville.

You can see some of our demos on the Craft Corner on WLOS13.  Here's a link to one of them: WLOS video

We are also now able to accept credit cards!  There isn't a way to link it in my store, but you can indicate that you want to pay by credit card by sending me an email with the items you want to order.  We're working on having it right in the store, but I'm just not that computer savvy yet!

We're adding a new website just for classes, to make it easier to find what you are looking for.  Check our webstore page and the links page for quick access.

Are you a Warren Wilson employee, staff or student?  Great news!  You get 20% off of your order plus free local pick up!  Check out our selections, then send us an email at [email protected] with what you want.  We'll make up your order and charge you when we deliver.  You can pick up at our location or we can arrange for pick up at the school or at a convenient place.

Soaps and more!


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